The vidoes listed on this page were created and posted by Papa. Click on the title to view the video on YouTube. I hope you enjoy these videos.

Exploring Florida Rivers April 15, 2021Bud and Joanne Exploring Florida RiversGators and buzzards and pigs—OH MY!
Brooke The Weather NutMay 10, 2011Brooke the Weather Nut filmed by Brooke and Darlene Schow
Hollywood StarsMay 14, 2011
Brooke competes in Hollywood Stars gymnastics.
Summit View Talents ShowJune 6, 2011
Summit View Talents Show
Decorating CookiesDecember 19, 2011Decorating Cookies with Grandmas
Jingle BellsDecember 25, 2011Ethan Hamilton belts out a classic version of Jingle Bells.
The Silver Leviathan BandOctober 21, 2018Vermont Farmer’s Market.
Matthews Winters ParkMarch 8, 2011Visited the park on a frosty March morning.
Indian Gulch FireMarch 29, 2011
Meramec Springs ParkJanuary 3, 2016
Hippity Hop Spring Competition 2011May 1, 2011
Amelia Earhart by SydneyFebruary 10, 2012
Ice Breaker Floor RoutineOctober 8, 2012
Riding BikesJuly 28, 2013Ethan and Lucas riding their bikes.